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Ant Farm Acrylic With Eatable Gel Insect Ecology Box Science Educational Toy Ants Pet Reptile LED Ant Nest Class Room Item

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Ant Farm Acrylic With Eatable Gel Insect Ecology Box Science Educational Toy Ants Pet Reptile LED Ant Nest Class Room Item

Material: Plastic, jelly Weight: 0.6 kg Dimensions: arc length 21CM, width 11CM UBS power supply, can shift night light The ant is live in the Damp, dark place, please avoid the strong sunshine. Product color: blue, green, yellow, rose red, purple, amber white optional. The product configuration: 1 ant maze, a magnifying glass, glue stick 1, tweezers 1, straw 1, a manual. The gel can be reused, the container into the microwave can be redissolved, then re-dissolved after the new product.

1. Which ants are suitable for the ant workshop? Most of the large and small digging ants and ant communities with queens are suitable for the new type of factory feeding. 2. Why don't my ants always dig holes? Ants usually start digging in 24 to 48 hours. You have to be patient! Some ants are too disturbed and need more time to adapt to the environment. Temperature is the main factor affecting ant activity. Generally, it is less than 12 degrees C degrees Celsius to start digging holes. The suitable temperature is about 18-30 degree C. 3. Why can't ants that are not nests be put together? Different nests of ants will be put together to fight, some will die, and injured ants are not suitable for breeding. 4. Where can ants be found? Ants are everywhere. They are found on quiet paths, beside ditches and under big trees. In general, the habitat of ants is where people are not easy to interfere with their lives. Ant nests are usually surrounded by a lot of soil particles, in warm and sunny weather, there will be ants busy. 5. Where can I buy ants? Ants can be purchased at sales outlets, or they can be ordered by telephone or online. 6. Is it normal to have steam and sweat in Ant Workshop? There are water droplets in the ant workshop. That is because the gas produced by the sudden increase of temperature difference is a normal phenomenon. Just wait a day or two for the temperature to balance and the water vapor will disappear automatically. 7. How long can ants live? What about dying? Ants, like other pets, have life limitations. Apart from their own health, their life span has a direct relationship with their owners. Some of them die within a month, others have many ants for a year, and even more. Dead ants do not need to rush to clean up, let the other focus for a period of time before cleaning up according to the instructions. 8. How many ants are suitable for the ant workshop? How many ants can be placed inside depends on the size of workshops and ants. Small workshops usually have about 30 ants, while large workshops can have 300-500 ants. 9. What if the ant runs out carelessly? Running ants don't bite, and stray ants can't reproduce and will soon die. They can't find your candy jar or eat your clothes and furniture. 10. gel can be redissolved? Yes, the first thing to do is to remove the ants from the solution, remove the dirt, and put it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes (too long for workshops to deform easily). Alternatively, you can buy gel to replace it, or remove the gel and replace it with white sand and water.